Wightfields ZinZan F69 (PS)

Wightfields ZinZan

Purchased for his all round performance, that is backed up by his EBV’S that are in the top 1% for all growth traits, EMA and both dollar indexes, he also displays a great top line, hindquarter, fine tropical coat type and was a stand out Poll Sire in the 2011 year drop. A contributing factor for his purchase was that his breeding is from a line of cattle that has consistently produced above average cattle and have sold very well for many breeders. He was purchased for $35,000 and was the top priced bull at the 2011 Wandoan Sale. At 23 month old, Zin Zan F69, weighed 894kgs, ave daily weight gain of 1.22kg’s, scrotal of 38.5 cm’s, P8 10 and Rib 6, EMA was 135, IMF was 2.9 with a solid morphology test. We unfortunately lost F69 (PS) in his first season due to a broken leg. Sons have sold well at auction with a top of $8,000 in 2014 for Benelkay Hendrix (P) to Mr Bill Redden Purlewaugh.

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