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Wave Hill Dapto (P) D564

20/05/15 9:43 AM
Wave Hill Dapto Purchased late in the catalogue at the 2010 Santa Central Sale for $23,000. Dapto weighed 885kg’s at 26 months, EMA of 124, and a scrotal of 41 cm’s. Over all a very correct bull with plenty of growth, a perfect sheath, and a tropical skin type with safe genetics to back him up. He has proven to be an exceptional worker in the paddock. His heifers are outstandingly fertile. They carry a very high tropical content, early maturity and have crossed very well with the majority of our blood lines. Fourteen sons have sold at auction for an average of $4,850 with a top of $8,500 in 2016 selling to James Wippel “Romean”.
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