Sujo First Class 366 (AI) (P)


Purchased in 2006 as a must have sire for $32,000, he has developed into one of the breeds leading sires. He has had a huge impact within our stud with 41 sons sold at auction for an average of $7,550. His sons have topped the sales every year they have been offered. 2009 Kluger (P) sold to G.A Greenup & Co “Rosevale” Stud for $17,500.  2010 Lifeline (P) sold to G.A Greenup & Co “Rosevale” Stud for $26,000.  2011 Eragon (P) sold to Morton and Frances Rolf, “Hardigreen Park” Stud, for $32,000.  2012 Firestone (P) sold to Rick and Alice Greenup, “Greenup/ Eidsvold Station”  Studs, Cardowan for $34,000. His females are breeding at a very high level, and are crossing well with Bullamakinka Dreamtime (P), producing Futurama (P) selling to “Tookey Creek” Stud for $26,000, a Dreamtime/First Class cross. First Class (P) is a Trait Leader in Breedplan for 200, 400, 600 Day Growth, Carcase Weight, Rib, Rump Fat EBV’S.

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