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Bullamakinka Dreamtime D62 (P)

20/05/15 9:53 AM
 Bullamakinka Dreamtime D62 (P) Was purchased for the top price of $20,000 at the 2009 Wandoan Sale. At 21 months he weighed 932 kg’s and had an EMA of 132 cm’s, scrotal of 42 cm’s and sired by Swan Hill Morley. We purchased him as a sire, for his out cross genetics, his extreme growth and weight for age. He has crossed extremely well with the First Class (P) cows and his progeny are large framed, well muscled, quite natured with plenty of breed character. His sons have averaged $9,500 in 2012, with a top of $26,000 for Benelkay Futurama (P), sold to Ian and Louise MacCue “Tookey Creek” stud. Top price bull of the 2013 sale, $18,000 for Benelkay Genset (P) and $10,000 for Benelkay Grunt (P), both going to Hardigreen Park Stud.
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