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Benelkay Halfback H076 (P) (PP)

10/01/17 5:58 PM
poll santa bull santa gertrudis bull Halfback was retained to be used in the stud as he is a Homozygous Poll (PP), with strong breed character, carrying a dark fine skin / hair type, that we are trying to increase through our herd. He has an outstanding doing ability, is a very thick set heavily muscled Sire that retains softness. He displays strong commercial carcase attributes that again is displayed in his strong EBVs, being in the top 5% for his 200,400,600 Day Growth and Mature Cow figures.His Juggler (P) Dam 512 (P), pedigree goes back to Elgin Downs A25 and she has had ten consecutive calves in a row, through some very trying seasons. So fertility was also a consideration for his use. His progeny have been very pleasing with a good number of bulls being represented in our sales.
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