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If you would like to take a closer look at our sires, just click on the photo that you would like to see enlarged.

Benelkay Fireball 744 (P)

 Benelkay Fireball
Was purchased back after being sold. Sons have sold to a top of $30,000. He is Breeding perfect sheaths, tropical coats with a load of muscle content. He produces outstanding females, that are breeding well with First Class (P).
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Benelkay Fonz 741 (P)

 Benelkay Fonz
A more of a maternal type of bull with very similar breeding to Fireball, out of an outstanding cow, but is throwing darker coated cattle of a similar type and quality. His full brother sold to Boolarong Santa Stud for $10,000. He has been used in our commercial herd as a young sire, then with stud cows for the last few seasons.
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Benelkay Gyral G152 (P)

santa gertrudis bulls santa bulls poll santa bulls
Gyral (P) was retained for use in the stud to keep the Bullamakinka Dreamtime (P) bloodline developing throughout the cow herd as we believed he would breed exceptional females. He is a later maturing style of bull and has developed into a massive mature bull with a similar style to his sire Dreamtime, but bigger. As an added bonus he is from a strong female line, with his grand dam breeding eleven calves and one other sire we have successfully used in Benelkay Lynx (P). 
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Benelkay Halfback H076 (P) (PP)

poll santa bull santa gertrudis bull
Halfback was retained to be used in the stud as he is a Homozygous Poll (PP), with strong breed character, carrying a dark fine skin / hair type, that we are trying to increase through our herd. He has an outstanding doing ability, is a very thick set heavily muscled Sire that retains softness. He displays strong commercial carcase attributes that again is displayed in his strong EBVs, being in the top 5% for his 200,400,600 Day Growth and Mature Cow figures.His Juggler (P) Dam 512 (P), pedigree goes back to Elgin Downs A25 and she has had ten consecutive calves in a row, through some very trying seasons. So fertility was also a consideration for his use. His progeny have been very pleasing with a good number being in the 2018 weaner mob, and a limited number of very young bulls in the 2017 sale team.
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Benelkay Handsome H042 (P)

We retained and used Handsome in the stud as a heifer bull with very pleasing results. He is a Homozygous (PP), a heifer’s calf, very soft eye catching bull that has a sires presence. Fine tropical skin type, exceptionally light sheath, high fertility and is a very free moving style of bull similar to his sire Dapto (PS). His pedigree goes back to strong Sujo Firstclass (P) and Kelly Wallah poll blood lines on his dam’s side. A bull that has bred well above himself and I would recommend that his bulls would make ideal heifer bulls that could be used with a lot of confidence.


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Benelkay Hot Shot H074 (P) (PP)

poll santa bull santa gertrudis bulls
We retained this standout Sire from our 2012 year drop of bulls for his all round performance, which is backed up by his EBVs, Top 5% and Trait Leader for his 200,400,600 Day Growth and Mature Cow Weight, Carcass Weight and EMA. Hot Shot is a Homozygous Poll (PP) which made him more appealing, to use in our stud herd. With a 96% morphology test as a two year old, we felt that we could not afford to sell a bull of his calibre.

He carries strong Sire appeal and breed phenotype, a soft dark tropical skin / hair type, with length, depth and bone. Hot Shot combines some of the best bloodlines within our herd and is out of a very strong reliable female line of cows that have been consistently above average breeders going back at least six generations down the cow line.

He is prolific worker out in the cow herd, and is throwing very well balanced heifers and bulls, that we feel will suit the breeding requirements of our clients. There will be a strong representation of his sons in the 2017 sale team.



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Benelkay Kluger (P) 1380

 Benelkay Kluger
 A son of SuJo First Class (P), he is a soft eye appealing, well balanced poll bull who is very sound in structure, has early maturity, and a trim underline, being a well muscled bull with a terrific doing ability. He is breeding very true to type and his progeny are very consistent , this is no surprise when you look at his breeding. He is out of a Wave Hill Napperby (P) cow that has crossed very well with First Class (P) both lines having a strong breeding line within the stud cow herd. He was tested as a Homozygous (PP), sire and this is proving to be accurate as all his progeny are poll. Looking forward to offering more of his sons in the 2015 sale.
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Benelkay Lexus 1524 (P)

 Benelkay Lexus
Lexus has been tested a Homozygous (PP) sire, making him a valuable bull in our breeding program. A stand out son of the leading sire, SuJo First Class (P), out of one of our top stud cows, who has a perfect classification result.  He is a very structurally correct bull that covers a lot of ground. Kept for his breeding and his dark Santa Gertrudis coat type, weight for age, and very balanced EBV’S, we considered him one of the better son’s that First Class (P) has produced.
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Benelkay Lynx (P) 1682

Benelkay Lynx
A son of SuJo First Class (P) that was used over stud cows before being sold at auction for $7,000. We wanted to use him in the stud, as his dam was a highly respected cow and we wanted more of her genetics within the stud herd. He has breed progeny better than himself as we expected he would. Highlights of the 2013 sale were Benelkay Gunsynd G186 (P) for $12,000 to Cree SG Stud.
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Bullamakinka Dreamtime D62 (P)

 Bullamakinka Dreamtime D62 (P)
Was purchased for the top price of $20,000 at the 2009 Wandoan Sale. At 21 months he weighed 932 kg’s and had an EMA of 132 cm’s, scrotal of 42 cm’s and sired by Swan Hill Morley. We purchased him as a sire, for his out cross genetics, his extreme growth and weight for age. He has crossed extremely well with the First Class (P) cows and his progeny are large framed, well muscled, quite natured with plenty of breed character. His sons have averaged $9,500 in 2012, with a top of $26,000 for Benelkay Futurama (P), sold to Ian and Louise MacCue “Tookey Creek” stud. Top price bull of the 2013 sale, $18,000 for Benelkay Genset (P) and $10,000 for Benelkay Grunt (P), both going to Hardigreen Park Stud.
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Bullamakinka H82 (PS)

Bullamakinka H82 (PS)
One of the standout bulls sold in the Bullamakinka bull sale draft in 2013. He impressed us with his sire appeal, high bos-indicus content, fine dark tropical skin, poll genetics, frame and softness. We had been waiting for a quality poll sire by Canowindra Gold Edition, and as an extra he was from a very well bread cow line. Gold Edition has been a standout sire in the Santa Breed and has produced many sale topping sale bulls producing over 350 calves by natural service. H82’s dam Kelly Wallah X77 (P), has produced consistently and at 13 yrs has produced 11 calves, including five sale bulls. She is a granddaughter of the consistent Kelly Wallah 770 (P) cow line. 770 had 13 calves with many going on to breed well within other studs. H82’s progeny have been equally as impressive with his first sons being sold at auction in 2016. H82 (PS) is quickly becoming the leading sire within our herd, producing outstanding offspring.
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Dangarfield Upkeep U072 (PS)

santa gertrudis cattle santa gertrudis bulls
 A young sire with a great temperament, soft easy doing with plenty of length and depth through the flank.  Purchased late in the catalogue as a younger bull he has produced exceptional progeny. His sire Kolodong Arnold (AI) (P) was top priced bull when purchased for $19,000 in Tamworth. Arnold has produced plenty of high priced poll sires with good natures and easy finishers for Dangarfield over the years.  We have admired these, so we were keen to purchase one of his sons. Upkeep (PS) has not let us down and has quickly developed a strong set of EBV’S to back his performance. Thickset progeny with great carcass and placid natures with good fertility are this sire’s standout qualities. Unfortunately we have only two seasons of his progeny as we have lost the bull due to injury during the drought.
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Eidsvold Station Gavin G2 (P)

santa gertrudis cattle santa gertrudis bulls
 Purchased at the 2012 Eidsvold Station/ Greenup Bull Sale, he was the equal top priced bull of the sale. He is a robust athletic bull with a remarkable constitution, clean tropical coat type, fine skinned with a tidy underline and exceptional fertility. Unfortunately he suffered a broken leg while on agistment.
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Fishington Bobcat B041 (P)

 Fishington Bobcat
Purchased at the 2008 Santa Central Sale, for $16,000. Eye catching son of Rosevale Ned (P). producing cattle with strong back lines, breed type, fertility and a deep Santa Gertrudis red.
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Macaire Hallmark H37 (P)

MaClaire Hallmark H37 (P). 
Hallmark H37 (P), was purchased at the 2015 Santa Central Sale as a very young led bull. He was selected for his eye appeal, perfect quiet temperament, deep dark red skin type and he was an out cross from any breeding that is in our herd. He carries a lot of Big Sir bloodlines ,these lines carry strong poll breeding and have bred well over the years for many studs.

He has developed into a quality sire,  is moderate framed with a mid maturity pattern well muscled and he is throwing consistent quiet, dark skinned quality sons and daughters. He seems to be crossing well with the majority of our blood lines, with a good number of sons and daughters retained.

His first sons will only be young in the 2017 bull sale team but are very eye appealing and have a lot of commercial attributes I feel will suit many buyers. Hallmarks 2018 Sale bulls are some of the lead bulls in their age group.

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Rosevale Ned Y68 (P)

 Rosevale Ned
Has been used after seeing the great results of his progeny at the Fishington Stud. He works well over our Juggler cows, he has balanced growth , strong carcase traits and fertility is exceptional. He’s producing large framed progeny with plenty of volume and is passing on his dark coat type to his calves.
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Sanford Vale Juggler 513 (P)

 Sanford Vale Juggler
A most influential sire used at Benelkay, if the pedigree has Juggler in it you can be sure they will breed above average cattle for you. Juggler has been used extensively in the stud for many years and was sold at 11 years of age, he’s left a great legacy.
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Sujo First Class 366 (AI) (P)

Purchased in 2006 as a must have sire for $32,000, he has developed into one of the breeds leading sires. He has had a huge impact within our stud with 41 sons sold at auction for an average of $7,550. His sons have topped the sales every year they have been offered. 2009 Kluger (P) sold to G.A Greenup & Co “Rosevale” Stud for $17,500.  2010 Lifeline (P) sold to G.A Greenup & Co “Rosevale” Stud for $26,000.  2011 Eragon (P) sold to Morton and Frances Rolf, “Hardigreen Park” Stud, for $32,000.  2012 Firestone (P) sold to Rick and Alice Greenup, “Greenup/ Eidsvold Station”  Studs, Cardowan for $34,000. His females are breeding at a very high level, and are crossing well with Bullamakinka Dreamtime (P), producing Futurama (P) selling to “Tookey Creek” Stud for $26,000, a Dreamtime/First Class cross. First Class (P) is a Trait Leader in Breedplan for 200, 400, 600 Day Growth, Carcase Weight, Rib, Rump Fat EBV’S.
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Warenda Furlong F4 (P)

Warenda Furlong F4 (P) Crop
 A quiet achiever in our herd, purchased at the 2012 Santa Central Sale. Furlong was selected to pick up the Warenda Mexico (P) bloodlines that have been very successful for Warenda. He carries a very dark red skin type and is a well balanced bull with a very tidy underline plus a wonderful quite temperament which he is passing on to his progeny. Furlongs dam has had nine calves with five classifying, her top son sold for $42,000. Grand dam, Jemma was a successful show heifer/cow. Eight calves with six classifying, with four daughters retained in the Warenda stud herd.
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Wave Hill Dapto (P) D564

Wave Hill Dapto
Purchased late in the catalogue at the 2010 Santa Central Sale for $23,000. Dapto weighed 885kg’s at 26 months, EMA of 124, and a scrotal of 41 cm’s. Over all a very correct bull with plenty of growth, a perfect sheath, and a tropical skin type with safe genetics to back him up. He has proven to be an exceptional worker in the paddock. His heifers are outstandingly fertile. They carry a very high tropical content, early maturity and have crossed very well with the majority of our blood lines. His sons have sold at auction for a good healthy average of $4,500 with a top of $5,000.
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Wave Hill Napperby N84 (P)

 Wave Hill Napperby
Producing highly fertile females with good udders and dark tropical skin types. His cows work well with Sujo First Class.
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Wave Hill Xodus X51 (P)

 Wave Hill Xodus
The top priced bull at the NSGBG 2004 bull sale for $16,000. Very heavily muscled sire producing very consistent fertile cattle.
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Wightfields ZinZan F69 (PS)

 Wightfields ZinZan
Purchased for his all round performance, that is backed up by his EBV’S that are in the top 1% for all growth traits, EMA and both dollar indexes, he also displays a great top line, hindquarter, fine tropical coat type and was a stand out Poll Sire in the 2011 year drop. A contributing factor for his purchase was that his breeding is from a line of cattle that has consistently produced above average cattle and have sold very well for many breeders. He was purchased for $35,000 and was the top priced bull at the 2011 Wandoan Sale. At 23 month old, Zin Zan F69, weighed 894kgs, ave daily weight gain of 1.22kg’s, scrotal of 38.5 cm’s, P8 10 and Rib 6, EMA was 135, IMF was 2.9 with a solid morphology test. We unfortunately lost F69 (PS) in his first season due to a broken leg. Sons have sold well at auction with a top of $8,000 in 2014 for Benelkay Hendrix (P) to Mr Bill Redden Purlewaugh.
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