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Benelkay Santas Tops at $12,000

Benelkay Lone Wolf L032 (P)


The 6th annual Benelkay Poll Santa Gertrudis bull sale hit a sale high of $12,000 and averaged $5,500 for vendors, the Orman family, at Mullaley.

Andrew and Jules Orman offered a fine draft of polled Santa bulls, of which 34 sold at auction to return clients from across the state’s North West, Central West, New England, Hunter Valley and into Queensland.

Mr Orman said the widespread dry conditions where a contributing factor in a lower clearance and average compared to last year.

Benelkay Lonewolf L032 (P) attracted the $12,000 sale-topping bid, selling to the Walker family, Strathmore Santa Gertrudis, Blackall, Queensland.

The 29-month-old Bullamakinka H82 son from a Wave Hill Dapto daughter weighed 892 kilograms with a daily weight gain (DWG) of 1.03kg and a scrotal of 42 centimeters.

Lonewolf measured in the top 10 per cent of the breed for rib and rump fat estimated breeding values (EBVs) and scanned seven millimetres for rump and rib fat, a 134 square centimetre eye muscle area (EMA) and 3.9pc intramuscular fat (IMF).

The Walkers have a commercial herd of 1600 Santa Gertrudis breeders, which are run alongside the stud herd of 700 breeders.

L032 was described as bull will a lot of scale, strong muscling and possessing strong breed character.

Benelkay Legacy L122 (PS) and Benelkay Lone Star L050 (P) sold for $10,000 each to Tony Stanford, Widden stud, Denman.

Benelkay Lone Star L050, a Benelkay Hot Shot H074 son, was “the best bull in the yard” measuring in the top 10pc for mature cow weight, top 10pc for 400- and 600-day growth, milk, EMA and top 15pc for retail beef yield.

The 29-month-old bull weighed 832kg with a 39cm scrotal circumference, 9mm and 6mm of rump and rib fat, a 128cm2 EMA and 3.6pc IMF.

The 25-month-old Bullamakinka H82 son, Benelkay Legacy L122, weighed 828kg with a 41cm scrotal circumference, 16mm and 12mm of rump and rib fat, a 124pc EMA and a 4.9pc IMF.

“I was chasing growth and shape in the bulls and dark skins” said Mr Stanford, who runs a 1000 breeder commercial operation in the Hunter Valley.

“I have Santa/Hereford cross cattle and these bulls will go over whiteface second calvers with an aim of adding more muscle.”

His calves are targeted at hitting 450kg by 400 days for feedlot entry.

A Macaire Hallmark H37 son, Benelkay Leader L186 (PS), also sold for $10,000 to G. and G. Farming, “Uralla East”, Gunnedah.

The sale was interfaced with AuctionsPlus and settled by Elders Gunnedah, with Paul Dooley, Tamworth, as guest auctioneer.

Sale Highlights

 2017  Benelkay Sale: 34, Bulls sold to a top of $12,000 with an average of $5,500. Top price was for Benelkay Lonewolf L032 (P) who sold to The Walker family “Strathmore Santa Gertrudis Stud”, Blackall Queensland. Second top price of $10,000 was reached three times for Benelkay Legacy L122 (PS) and Benelkay Lone Star L050 (P) who sold to “Widden Stud” Denman along with Benelkay Leader L186 (PS) who sold to G and G Farming Gunnedah.      


Benelkay Kalahari

Benelkay Jaw Dropper (P) Lot 3

Benelkay Jaw Dropper (P)

Lot 5 Benelkay Hendrix H100 (P)

Benelkay Hendrix (P)

Sale Day 2013 095

Benelkay Genset (P)

 2016  Benelkay Sale: 44, Bulls sold to a top of $18,000 with an average of $7,375. Top price of $18,000 was for Benelkay Kalahari who sold to Andrew and Angela Doering of Spring “Creek Stud” Crooble NSW. Second top price was Benelkay Kruzer (P) making $17,000 and going to Nugget Carter and family of “Barrimba Stud” Nyngan NSW. 2015 Benelkay Sale: 39, Bulls averaged $7,384, with a top of $16,000 for Benelkay Jaw Dropper (P) selling to Chris & Elisa Fox “Cooinda Stud” Proston Qld, our second top price was Benelkay Judge (P) selling for $14,000 to Ben & Amanda Adams “Dangarfield Stud” Taroom Qld, third top price of $13,000 was Benelkay Jumbo Jim (P) to Baillieu and Sarah Myer’s “Yulgilbar Stud” Baryulgil NSW. 2014 Benelkay/Fishington Sale: 21 Bulls sold for an average of $3,714 with a top of $8,000 for Benelkay Hendrix (P) to Bill Redden Purlewaugh, second top price was $5,000 twice for Benelkay Hercules (P) to Shaun & Jo McGuigan “Cree Santa Stud” Thangool Qld and Benelkay Hillbilly (P) to Peter & Mandy Lintern “Seymorevale Santa Stud” S.A. 2013 Benelkay/Fishington Sale: 26 Bulls sold to a healthy average of $5,813.  Top price of $18,000 was paid by Morton and Francess Rolfe’s “Hardigreen Park “Stud, Wallabadah for, Benelkay Genset (P).  Second top price was $12,000 for Benelkay Gunsynd (P) purchased by Shaun & Jo McGuigan “Cree Santa Stud” Thangool Qld.

Benelkay Firestone (P)

Benelkay Firestone (P)

Benelkay Eragon (P)

Benelkay Eragon (P)

Benelkay Lifeline (P)

Benelkay Lifeline (P)

Benelkay Kluger (P)

Benelkay Kluger (P)

2012 Inaugural Benelkay/Fishington Sale: 28 Bulls averaged $6,321, with a top of $34,000 for Benelkay Firestone (P) to Rick and Alice Greenup’s “Greenup/Eidsvold Station Studs” Cardowan/Eidsvold Qld and a second top price of $26,000 for Benelkay Futurama (P) to the MacCue family “Tookey Creek/Jarah Park” Studs Bellata NSW. 2011 Watasanta Sale: Benelkay topping this sale for the third year in a row, where 21 Bulls averaged $6595.24, with a top of $32,000 for Benelkay Eragon (P) selling to Moreton and Frances Rolfe’s “Hardigreen Park” Stud Tamworth NSW and a second top of $16,000 for Benelkay Entertainer (P) to Jock Cunningham’s “Hallcraig Santa’s” Stud Tenterfield NSW. 2010 Watasanta Sale: Benelkay once again topping this sale where  21, Bulls averaged $5,740,with a top of $26,000 for Benelkay Lifeline (P) selling to David & Grahame Greenup “Rosevale Stud” Jandowae QLD, our second top price bull was Benelkay Lomu (P) sold to Ian Walker “Strathmore“ Santa Gertrudis Stud QLD for $11,500. 2009 Watasanta Inaugural Sale: Benelkay topping this sale where 19, Bulls averaged $5,815, with a top of $17,500 for Benelkay Kluger (P) sold to David & Grahame Greenup” Rosevale Stud” Jandowae QLD, second top price bull Benelkay Kearns (P) sold for $17,000 to John Hanson” Derrawee” Weetaliba.

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